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Historical News Coverage of The Sinking of the RMS Republic

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Republic Scrapbook - Front Coverfront

"Scrapbook front cover with faint red marking 'Binns'"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 11

"Talk of Binns, and America grins" "Universal laws for the sea" "Heroism and dignity" "Wex Jones" "Jack Binns the CQD hero"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 22

"Wireless telegraphy" "Wireless hero of the Republic who has won fame with signal C.Q.D" "Great wireless feat" "Jack Binns"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 33

"CQD" "A night with wireless telegraph operators at Siasconset, Nantucket"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 44

"Haydon Jones" "In communications with La Savore"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 55

"Republic in crash at sea; all saved" "Unidentified steamer rams White Star liner off Nantucket - 800 lives saved through wireless message caught by two big steamers and two revenue cutters - Taken off by Italian steamer Florida" "Republic reported to be still afloat just before noon"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 66

"Liner sinks, 761 saved" "White Star ship, Republic, rammed in fog, goes down off Nantucket" "Strange steamer that hit her not since seen" "Wireless saved those on wreck"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 77

"Wireless Report" "The Republic, 400 on board, is in sinking condition, rammed at sea" "Loss of 560 on the Buurgogne recalled" "Baltic to the rescue" "Sister ship sends wireless report" "Crippled vessel can barely keep afloat"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 88

"Rescue cutter and beacon ill-fated liner was rounding" "Out of black fog" "Rescue near at hand" "Under diminished speed" "Says he can remain afloat" "Danger to the Lorraine" "Bound for Mediterranean"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 99

"Saved in Republic collision" "All taken off the sinking liner" "White Star boat in crash off Nantucket" "Wireless brought aid"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 1010

"Vessel that rescued Republic's passengers and diagram of boats called by wireless" "White Star liner Republic"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 1111

"Operator sticks at post as ship is sinking" "in collision off Nantucket with unknown craft" "Engine room is quickly flooded, captain wires"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 1212

"Diagram showing position of crippled liner" "Photographs of the vessel and her commander" "The rush to the rescue" "Lorraine sends word"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 1313

"Republic not sunk; all safe" "Florida, which rammed her, bringing passengers to New York" "Convoyed by the Baltic"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 1414

"News that came by wireless" "First word of the wreck at Siasconset at 4:10 AM" "All day meagre Messages told of the sinking ship and her passengers" "Collier to the rescue" "The Lebanon starts from Boston to find the Republic"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 1515

"Liner Republic rammed at sea; four lives lost?" "Florida hit her in fog off Nantucket while her 461 passengers were asleep" "Survivors taken off" "Republic adrift helpless" "A whole company of mighty ships, called by wireless, to her aid" "Baltic report loss of life" "How wireless saved a shipload of souls"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 1616

"Naval stores lost" "Republic a handsome ship" "Scene of the collision" "Admiral Sperry may have to get supplies from relief ship"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 1717

"Republic can be saved" "In no immediate danger, the line hears" "Wireless told world" "Call for aid over sea and land"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 1818

"The greatest test of wireless saves 761 at sea" "Liner that was rammed, diagram sketch of disaster, and four prominent passengers" "Mohawk goes aground; Nantucket in trouble" "And Florida has over 1,100 on board" "Messina refugees in a new panic"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 1919

"Republic rammed at sea; 1,900 on 2 ships in panic; all saved" "Crew stands by sinking ship till hope is gone" "Ships that heard wireless calls of Republic and went to her aid." "Marvellous work of wireless telegraphy robs the dreaded seas of their terrors"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 2020

"White Star steamer which is bringing the rescued passengers to New York" "Brief, vivid picture of disaster by wireless" "Great disasters of the sea have cost thousands of lives"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 2121

"Republic, big White Star liner, rammed and sunk off Nantucket; 701 saved" "Great loss of life averted by the wireless telegraph"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 2222

"White Star line quickly plans to aid passengers" "Republic built for comfort and speed" "Writer of sea stories rescued from Republic" "Inventor whose wireless brought aid to liner - Guglielmo Marconi" "Marconi feels gratified that lives were saved by wireless"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 2323

"The Florida crashes into the Republic during fog, then rescues passengers" "461 persons on their way to Europe, will be back in New York this evening" "Passengers being sent to the Baltic as a heavy sea imperils the Florida" "How the 461 passengers on the ship were saved through bells and wireless"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 2424

"Liner that took off Republic's passengers, her captain and diagram map of scene of collision" "Florida stood by and took off passengers" "Captain G. Voltolin of the Florida"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 2525

"Republic's passengers safe on the Florida" "Wireless messages report she has sunk - White Star denies it" "Sinking of the Republic, as told by the Furnessia" "Wireless on both boats would have averted crash"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 2626

"The vanishing sea peril" "Diagram of steamship section" "Passenger whose wife was killed in crash of ships" "Map showing position of the Republic when she was rammed" "La Lorraine a floating wireless relay station" "

Republic Scrapbook - Page 2727

"Steamship Republic goes down while in tow" "Baltic captain wires American full story" "Photo-diagram showing how the Florida rammed the Republic, killing six passengers" "Wireless is proof prayer reaches God"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 2828

"How wireless told of Republic's plight and brought aid" "Republic sinks; 6 dead; killed by Florida's bow" "Wireless now a necessity" "Wireless bulletins of the Republic disaster"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 2929

"Distress signal aroused whole force at Siasconset; help sent to sinking Republic" "Lonely vigil broken by first cry for aid" "Getting Baltic news out of thin air" "Search for ships made by wireless" "Calls of the Republic were growing faint"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 3030

"Ship sinking, but will stick to the end, said operator of the Republic" "Baltic tells of the collision" "I am well, says General Ives, by wireless to sister" "White Star line to throw open it's pier to anxious"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 3131

"Safe and well aboard Baltic" "Anxious friends besiege offices of White Star line" "The first official report of wreck as sent by Baltic" "Brave captain and Republic's crew in port" "Capt. Sealby, of the Republic, said to have killed himself" "Gibbons talks of passengers escape"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 3232

"1,524 survivors" "Captain reported suicide" "Safe here" "Guns stopped on ship in wreck" "Mutiny"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 3333

"Captain Sealby, facing death on mast, cheered as ship sinks" "New York's officers told Florida was sinking, rush to aid" "Brave captain and crew of Republic are safe in port" "Women weep with joy over their friends" "Wireless proves spiritual telegraphy possible, says priest" "Victims tell of crash, sea rescue and drawn knives on Florida"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 3434

"Friends resume vigil at White Star line offices" "Women on the Baltic care for the survivors" "Submarine bell led rescuers to Republic" "Story of wreck at a glance" "Connolly in a fuss"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 3535

"Bird's-eye view of the deck of the Baltic upon arrival here" "General Ives says there was much confusion" "Much excitement and some roughness when families were separated by the officers" "Captain Ranson tells graphic story of hunt for Republic in fog"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 3636

"Crowd cheering Captain Ranson, of Baltic" "James B. Connolly's story of the disaster" "Florida's bow smashed" "Woman's narrow escape"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 3737

"Stayed on the Republic to the end" "Captain's narrow escape as liner sank" "Bodies sink with wreck" "Great throng greets the arrival of the Baltic"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 3838

"Baltic's story of rescue" "Arrival of Baltic with the survivors" "Joyous meetings" "Friends board liner at quarantine" "How seven liners figured in the collision" "Talk with survivor" "Darkness followed the crash, but there was no panic"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 3939

"Cheered by wireless flashes" "Republic's passengers knew aid was coming" "Hurrying through the fog to the scene of the collision" "What wireless told before Baltic came" "The story of the transfer of the passengers to the White Star liner"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 4040

"Thrilling stories of survivors" "Routed from sleep by the crash" "Husbands and wives necessarily separated in the transfer" "Many examples of cool courage and individual heroism" "Republic's grave"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 4141

"Her calls for help are heard" "Marconi station - White Star liner Republic"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 4242

"And all aboard are saved" "Other marine tests of wireless value" "Illinois Representative gives Republic's operator much credit"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 4343

"When Davenport first saw Marconi"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 4444

"Ends wireless watch" "Republic sinks; six dead" "Baltic with survivors, off the bar in the fog this morning" "Florida sailors killed"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 4545

"White Star liner is rammed and wrecked" "Repbulic sunk; 1,650 rescued here on Baltic" "Transfer by searchlight" "Crew inbound at Gay Head"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 4646

"With the aid of the wireless" "Furnessia describes Republic's sinking" "First news of Republic loss - Marconi operator Ginman sent it to the Times - some other messages"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 4747

"Republic's dead in outside cabins" "What wireless told White Star offices" "Many messages received from the Baltic at the Sagaponak station" "Baltic's commander sent almost hourly messages yesterday telling of progress"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 4848

"Lorraine's search for disabled liners" "Frenchman brings in a story of a long, vain hunt in the for off Nantucket" "How bulkheads safeguard liners" "Binns' heroism is lauded upon Congress floor"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 4949

"Liner crews transferring passengers from the Florida to the steamship Baltic preparatory to starting to New York" "Liner Baltic is here with 1,650 survivors of collision at sea"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 5050

"Liner Baltic off the Hook with passengers" "Baltic takes passengers from both steamers that were in fatal crash" "Mooney was rich Dakota banker"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 5151

"Captain and all hands taken off by cutter as Republic sinks" "La Lorraine's captain tells of wireless search" "Mooney was rich Dakota banker"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 5252

"Diagram of the incidents of the collision showing how the wireless brought aid to the Republic, how her passengers were twice transferred at sea and so saved" "Wireless tells crowds news of crippled ships" "$2,000,000 estimated loss of owners and passengers" "Florida safe at Sandy Hook"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 5353

"La Lorraine tried to help" "Felt her way through the fog for hours" "Plan to raise the Republic underway" "Fell overboard from a small boat while trying to reach the Baltic"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 5454

"First word of fatalities came in the afternoon" "Sectional view of Republic showing staterooms where Florida struck" "The Florida all right, he says"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 5555

"Republic's survivors tell how heroism saved them" "Captain and mate sunk with liner but were saved" "Baltic Captain on wireless work"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 5656

"From the lost Republic" "Nothing like panic when Florida crashed into White Star liner" "Woman knocks down a man on deck to prevent seizure of boat" "Terrible havoc wrought"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 5757

"Story of the sinking of the Republic" "Gresham reaches Vineyard Haven with survivors" "Interior of wireless room on the Republic" "Pandemonium of cheers as the Baltic lands"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 5858

"Some of the wrecked Republic's passengers, who arrived off the dock to-day on the Baltic" "Quartermaster of the Florida leaps from the wheel as the Republic looms up" "Woman killed on Republic widely known in Boston" "C.Q.D."

Republic Scrapbook - Page 5959

"The Florida asking the Baltic via wireless to stand by and prepare to take off passengers" "Passengers wire hotel asking accommodations" "Binns keeps wireless busy as Republic sinks"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 6060

"Survivors tell thrilling stories of wreck" "White Star liner is sunk off Nantucket" "Florida header here under her own steam" "Six passengers killed in the collision and several injured" "Eulogy in Congress for Jack Binns, hero"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 6161

"Pay for loss of the Republic" "Wireless room on the sunken Republic, from which calls for aid were flashed" "Woman's body carried down with republic" "Story of the sinking told by Furnessia" "Captain Ranson tells of hours search in fog" "One of the heroes who led work of rescue on Republic"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 6262

"Republic here" "When shock first came to Republic" "Captain on desk as Republic sank; crew of Gresham save him" "C-Q-D, the wireless cry for help"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 6363

"Republic survivors safe in port; thrilling stories of the rescue" "Republic's Captain climbed the mast as his ship sank" "White Star liner Baltic reaching her pier to-day with 1,650 survivors from the Republic and Florida"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 6464

"Thousands on the pier cheer madly as ship comes in" "Florida comes in later with tug steering her" "Nerve-racking ordeal" "Little chance to raise the sunken Republic"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 6565

"Captain Ranson of the Baltic at the rail of his ship nearing pier" "Flashed calls through fog 'til aid came"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 6666

"5,000 greet survivors at the pier of the rescue ship Baltic" "Sees little hope of saving sunken liner Republic" "Gresham's men laud Sealby's brave action"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 6767

"Riot on board the Florida is quelled by crew" "Magic of wireless proved salvation of stricken liner" "Senate... resolutions passed praising work of rescue"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 6868

"Jack Binns a second Bludso" "Congress halts to pay tribute to the brave wireless operator of the steamship Republic who stuck to his post to the last" "1,515 survivors greeted at pier by hysterical friends" "Miss death by narrow margin"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 6969

"Taking passengers of Republic and Florida from latter ship to Baltic by searchlight" "Wireless on both boats would have averted crash"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 7070

"Survivors of Republic twice rescued within twenty-four hours" "Desperately, crew fights to save Republic and Fortune"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 7171

"Connolly tells shipwreck story" "Wrecked crew here to-night" "The beneficent wireless" "Herald-Telegram tug meets the Baltic"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 7272

"Captain's story of sinking ship" "Captain Sealby and officers of the wrecked liner" "Sealby stuck to liner in her death throes" "I'm no hero, say modest Jack Binns" "16 stokers real heroes of disaster"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 7373

"Sealby hailed as hero" "Enthusiastic broadway crowd carrying Captain Sealby into White Star offices" "To raise Republic is impracticable, declares Mr. Merrit" "Suit for millions over Republic wreck"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 7474

"Brave crew of the Republic lined up on the deck of the Seneca" "Flashes to Siasconset" "Disaster story as heard by wireless man ashore"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 7575

"Republic 88 fathoms deep" "Captain on the foremast as she dived stern first" "Broken Florida creeps in"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 7676

"Republic men are welcomed" "Demonstration as last survivors land" "The glorious work of science" "Binns, the wireless operator, also central figure" "Saved the birds" "Feathered survivors in the Republic disaster"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 7777

"Dead in Florida wreckage" "Bodies taken out after liner arrives" "Captain is reticent" "Bow plates crumpled for distance of thrity feet" "Steamship Florida at her pier, her smashed bows covered by sailcloth"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 7878

"Sealby's record" "Says the Florida was not at fault" "Binns tells by wireless how he brought aid" "Deny disaster was due to the man at wheel" "$2,000,000 in claims result of disaster" "Woman passenger's third wreck; praises Republic's officers"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 7979

"Sealby's story of disaster" "First account from Republic's Captain" "Vigil with officer" "How the two were picked up by revenue cutter boats"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 8080

"Florida limps in; flags at half mast for dead on board" "Officers stopped from telling of collision" "Survivors in hospital" "Steel man's story" "Three sides of stateroom fell in on him"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 8181

"Gen. Brayton Ives, at oar, helped in rescue" "James B. Connolly resents imputation of bad conduct in wreck" "Captain stuck to post; he and second officer picked out of whirlpool by rescue party" "Arctic Club secretary advocates longitudinal bulkheads"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 8282

"Ship's office closes; many of Republic's passengers to continue trip on other steamers" "The Baltic as she came to dock" "Absence of panic on the Republic; passengers praise officers and crew"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 8383

"At key for 52 hours; vivid tale of wireless" "Eulogy of Republic's wireless operator applauded in House" "Captains Ranson and Ruspini tell of work of rescue and the fatal crash" "Commandant of revenue cutter service tells of its efficiency"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 8484

"Cherring crowd hails Republic heroes; carries them off ship and holds parade" "Captain tells story of how he faced death" "100 feet up the mast he went as his great ship plunged to the bottom"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 8585

"Sailors of the Republic in need of clothing" "Will continue trips abroad; sixty per cent of Republic's passengers undismayed by loss of the ship" "Jack R. Binns, wireless operator, who proved himself a hero on the Republic"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 8686

"Capt. Sealby's dramatic story" "Captain's desperate race for life on sinking ship" "Williams saved from the suction" "Sealby's license suspended" "Conference at White Star office"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 8787

"All survivors of sea disaster now here" "Thrilling stories told by survivors" "Lynch, Republic passenger, dies in hospital"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 8888

"Wife of Italian inventor thrilled by achievements of the wireless" "Mate tells stirring story of his rescue" "Wireless on all ships; bill for compulsory installation introduced in the House of Representatives" "The triumph of wireless telegraphy"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 8989

"Sealby and Binns acclaimed as heroes by cheering crowds" "Captain Sealby tell story; Binns modest about work" "Committee of survivors meets"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 9090

"Women's splendid heroism brightened hours of peril" "Infants tossed from boats to ship in rescue" "Eugene Lynch, hurt when wife was killed, dies"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 9191

"Dramatic tales of rescue told by the Republic's survivors" "Mr. Connolly denies showing anxiety" "Woman pounded on wall until saved"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 9292

"Florida victims removed from wreck in dock" "The Furnessia tells her story" "Story of the surgeon of the Republic" "Saved the Republic from blowing up"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 9393

"Wonderful tales are told by those who were saved from the sinking liner" "Editor's story of Republic crash" "Life saving inventions"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 9494

"Sealby on Republic till she went down" "Republic's crew angry at Connolly" "House halts to eulogize Jack Binns"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 9595

"Florida's cruppled prow" "How Binns flashed his calls for help" "Marconi operators tell their story; think Capt. Sealby erred"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 9696

"In scant attire survivors land" "Most of the women hatless" "Lynch dies of hurts received on the Republic"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 9797

"The messenger of the sea" "Death ship in port, her flags at half mast"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 9898

"Captain swore to stick to the ship until she sank" "Hunted for Republic for 7 hours in fog, guided by wireless" "Wireless operators worked 52 hours" "Women superb courage feature of the disaster"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 9999

"Damage liability depends on ship to blame" "Grateful passengers give thanks to Capt. Ranson and $1,000 to crew" "Divers believe the Republic too deep to be saved" "Dispute as ship's victim is removed"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 100100

"Chief officer of rudder ship tells how Republic sank" "Connolly accused of cowardice by ship's stewards" "Woman author falls into sea; is pulled out by her hair" "Ships may lose wireless; Marconi Company in dispute with several ocean liners"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 101101

"Florida here; has three dead" "Deny helmsman nodded" "Captain's story cut off; starts to tell it, but is interrupted, and officials stop an officer's narrative"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 102102

"Sealby here exhausted; Republic's captain get his first sleep on Seneca at quarantine" "Marconi is grateful; inventor is glag wireless has helped to save so many lives" "Not a man in the whole Republic's crew but did his duty"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 103103

"Baltic Captain tells of search; Republic's wireless messages guided him to the sinking steamship" "One woman saw the crash; she stood on the Florida's desk dumb with terror"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 104104

"Raced with death to rigging as craft sank" "Sealby tells of death watch on lost Republic" "Rescued sailors in need; seamen's friend society shelters them and appeals for funds"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 105105

"Jumped for life as the Republic went down" "Florida not to blame for crash, agent says" "Capt. Sealby, who stuck by his ship, and operator Binns accorded remarkable reception..."

Republic Scrapbook - Page 106106

"Crowd in lower Broadway cheering wireless operator... and Captain Sealby..." "Wireless operator, Jack Binns"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 107107

"Lynch follows wife in death" "Crew's mages stopped when Republic sank" "Call life-saving devices aboard liners ample"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 108108

"Republic victims to abandon their trip" "Wireless log of Jack Binns tells Republic's tale" "Marconi Company wants subsidy from liners it equips"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 109109

"Ownersof the Florida put the blame on the Republic" "Captain tells of the wreck" "Nearly hit lightship; disaster off Nantucket Shoals has been long expected"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 110110

"Great throng on hand to greet the Commander and wireless operator of ship" "Sealby hailed as hero"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 111111

"The modesty of Mr. Binns" "Sealby tells story" "Free Florida of blame; Italian's side of crash"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 112112

"Wreck sufferers meet; Republic passengers deny stories about J. B. Connolly" "Could have saved Republic, he says; says Sealby refused aid" "Want one wireless system" "Crew hears its rights"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 113113

"Binns story of wireless work; signals from broken key; Siasconsett replied first" "Capt. Sealby tells of Republic's loss"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 114114

"Life saving device laws were obeyed" "Official story of the Florida" "Charges for wireless; differences... being adjusted"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 115115

"Binns called for help for the Republic with broken key" "Republic saved from blowing up by new hero"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 116116

"I'm no hero, says Jack Binns" "Jack Binns - $12 a week" "Binns says all he wants to do is sleep"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 117117

"Daily wireless stories of the sea told by Jack Binns, hero of the Republic" "First of a series of articles; Binns the C.Q.D. man" "To talk with ships 3,000 miles away; bids opened for wireless station at Washington..."

Republic Scrapbook - Page 118118

"Daily wireless stories of the sea told by Jack Binns, hero of the Republic" "First of a series of articles; Binns the C.Q.D. man" "The boy hero"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 119119

"Daily wireless stories of the sea told by Jack Binns, hero of the Republic" "First of a series of articles; Binns the C.Q.D. man" "Suit over Republic's loss" "How news of the great earthquake in Italy was flashed over the ocean immediately after disaster"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 120120

"Daily wireless stories of the sea told by Jack Binns, hero of the Republic" "First of a series of articles; Binns the C.Q.D. man" "Kidnapped from Jacks by Gen. Wood and lionized at Army and Navy Club" "Exhibited at Hippodome; has to run kissing ganlet of pretty girls"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 121121

"Daily wireless stories of the sea told by Jack Binns, hero of the Republic" "First of a series of articles; Binns the C.Q.D. man" "Operator Ginman tells how he does it" "Operator describes how President-elect Taft learned the mysteries of C.Q.D and the wireless wonder"

Republic Scrapbook - Page 122122

"In touch with steamers" "The Republic's end" "Diagram showing collision and... use of wireless"

Republic Scrapbook - Back Coverback

“Scrapbook rear cover"